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          About us

               Quality 15 the life of the brand and service is the capital of the brand extension. You shall be ANZHEN's food and clothing parents and friends if you choose it. 
            Anyang Vibrator CO., Ltd (former Anyang Vibrator Factory) is the birthplace of the first set of planetary rolling cone hi-frequency poker vibrator and its standard in China. It ranks the first in the scale, quality and technology among the same industry of the country. 
            With hundreds of middle and senior technicians, it owns the advanced numerical-controlled equipment and inspection instruments. 
            The products have more than sixty varieties in twelve series in the medium and small-sized building machinery and railway maintenance machinery, awarded highest prize by the municipality, province and state, and it is the first awarded " provincial top brand ", " provincial famous trademark " and " China famous trademark " in the same industry of the country. The company passed the quality system certification of ISO9001 and CCC. The products are well-known by the engineering construction workers and won high prestige by the clients both at home and abroad for their quality and service. 
            The company locates at the native place of the " oracle bones,', Anyang , Henan Province. It takes "loyalty, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and credit" as its motto, forming a set of enterprise culture of taking honest and credit as its core with Chinese characteristics. 
            AHZHEN will glory and win together with you.

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