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          [ Motto ] 
          Loyalty 、righteousness 、courtesy 
          wisdom and cr6dit 
          [Management Idea]
          Sincerity 、diligence 、reputation 、truth 、efficiency 、
          Leading forever 
          [work Principle]
          Fair and honest , honest and diligent administering 
          [ Quality Policy ] 
          Perfect quality , safe and reliable service , consistent leading level 
          [work style] 
          Be strict to ourselves , strict management , strict disciplines , telling the truth , doing the practical things , exerting the genuine effort , striving for the actual effect . 
          [Enterprise Spirit]
          To be honest and devote forever, to do things sincerely and diligently for pursuing the truth, to exert forward with one heart for No.1 , to create forever in management and technology

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